Nick Muggio

This site is a somewhat eclectic collection of my side projects. This is the third major rework of the site, but most content has remained intact.


gotbits is a lightweight snippet-hosting service, built to replace hastebin after running into some reliability issues with that site prior to its purchase. Snippets are kept around for two weeks.


VisKit (Visualization Kit) is where I intend to build visualization tools. Currently, it only renders a mediocre representation of quaternion SLERPs.



Jotto is a two-player word-guessing game based on a pen+paper game of the same name. See the Wikipedia page for more history. A beta version is also available.

Final Words

Final Words was built with a small team for the Major Jam: Isolation game jam in early 2020.

Articles & Miscellaneous Pages

AI Headline Art (November 5, 2022)
Tools & Tech (May 14, 2022)
Musical Whiplash (February 24, 2021)
Advent of Code 2020 Timing Results (December 27, 2020)
Shower Thoughts (May 15, 2020)
TODO List (May 5, 2020)
Style Choices (May 5, 2020)

Works In Progress

These sites are all very rough around the edges, and far from complete. Most of them are for projects that I want to get around to eventually, but haven’t put any serious time into. Others are just landing pages on domains I use for other purposes.