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Most Candidates Running on Crime Don’t Have Much Power to Solve It

On New York’s Subways, High-Profile Crimes, High Anxiety, but Low Risk

Democrats Promote Tough-on-Crime Credentials as Party Plays Defense

Twitter’s Advertisers Pull Back as Layoffs Sweep Through Company

Frustrating and Often Fruitless: The Search for Missing Russian Soldiers

Russia Sends Ill-Trained Draftees Into Combat Amid Losses, Analysts Say

Moderate House Democrats Are at Risk, Putting the Majority Up for Grabs

Florida Restricts Doctors From Providing Gender Treatments to Minors

The Housing Market Is Worse Than You Think

‘The Crown’ Has a New Diana and Charles to Tear Apart

We Pay an Ugly Cost for Ads on Twitter

Family Ties. Political Divisions.

YouTube May Have Misinformation Blind Spots, Researchers Say

5 Unfounded Claims About Voting in the Midterm Elections

What Can U.S. Democracy Learn From Brazil?

Russia Reactivates Its Trolls and Bots Ahead of Tuesday’s Midterms

Confidence, Anxiety and a Scramble for Votes Two Days Before the Midterms

For Fetterman, Campaign Trail Doubles as Road to Recovery

Russia Looks to Private Militia to Secure a Victory in Eastern Ukraine

Who Will Win the Battle for Congress? Four Scenarios.

Will Rain Affect Turnout Tomorrow? The Answer Is Cloudy.

How Republicans Could Win Control of the House

‘A Reason to Act Faster’: World Leaders Meet on Climate Amid Other Crises

What I’m Voting For

The World’s Democracies Ask: Why Can’t America Fix Itself?

Aerial War Over Ukraine Heats Up as Russia Pounds Cities

Deception and Trickery Are the Other Weapons in the Ukraine War

Five Takeaways From a Red Wave That Didn’t Reach the Shore

When We’ll Know: The Remaining Key Factors in Georgia, Nevada, Arizona

If Democrats Lose the House, They May Have New York to Blame

What Many Pennsylvanians Saw in Fetterman

With Runaway Win, DeSantis’s Political Career Becomes Supercharged

House Republicans won or lead in 221 races, enough for a bare majority, but control remains up for grabs.

How Georgia’s Senate Runoff Will Work

Democratic Hopes Rise on Senate Control as Two States Count Votes

Why Some States Went in Different Directions in Midterms

What Is COP27? And Other Questions About the Big U.N. Climate Summit

Republicans Reckon With Midterm Election Fallout

Mark Kelly Wins Arizona Senate Race, Putting Democrats a Seat From Control

Cortez Masto is within striking distance of Laxalt in Nevada.

How the 2022 Midterms Became a Squeaker

Tracking the Mail Vote in the Uncalled House Districts

Voters Reject Election Deniers Running to Take Over Elections

North Korea Sees New Opportunities in ‘Neo-Cold War’

Democrats See a Blueprint in Fetterman’s Victory in Pennsylvania

Russia Tried to Absorb a Ukrainian City. It Didn’t Work.

Iran and China Use Private Detectives to Spy on Dissidents in America

Surrounded by Threats, Japan Rethinks Decades of Military Dependency

Stymied by Protests, Iran Unleashes Its Wrath on Its Youth

McCarthy Scrounges for Support to Become Speaker as Republicans Feud

Western Allies Look to Ukraine as a Testing Ground for Weapons

World Leaders Meet as Global Economy Faces Multiple Threats

Republicans’ 2022 Lesson: Voters Who Trust Elections Are More Likely to Vote

Old Latin Mass Finds New American Audience, Despite Pope’s Disapproval

Top Republicans Face Dissent as McCarthy Wins G.O.P. Nod for Speaker

Ukraine’s 15,000-Mile Lifeline

They Called Him a Gangster Out for Revenge. The Evidence? 6 Text Messages.

How Republicans Won the House

Republicans Barely Won the House. Now Can They Run It?

How Ukraine Blew Up a Key Russian Bridge

Nonprofits With Ties to Democrats Plan Counteroffensive Against Congressional Investigations

Lauren Boebert’s House race is nearing a conclusion, or a recount.

He Was Wrongly Imprisoned at 16. Eight Years Later, He Walks Free.

The End of Vaccines at ‘Warp Speed’

Ban on Beer Is Latest Flash Point in World Cup Culture Clash

Who Is Jack Smith, the New Special Counsel?

What Makes a Special Counsel ‘Special’?

The World Cup That Changed Everything

On Eve of World Cup, FIFA Chief Says, ‘Don’t Criticize Qatar; Criticize Me.’

Kari Lake Claims Her Voters Were Disenfranchised. Her Voters Tell a Different Story.

In a First, Rich Countries Agree to Pay for Climate Damages in Poor Nations

Cigars, Booze, Money: How a Lobbying Blitz Made Sports Betting Ubiquitous

‘I lost friends,’ says a patron who fled the Club Q shooting.

Club Q Suspect Appears to Have Been Accused of Threatening Mother With Bomb

At Least 5 Dead and 25 Injured in Gunman’s Rampage at an L.G.B.T.Q. Club in Colorado

Desperate for Growth, Aging Casino Company Embraced ‘Degenerate Gambler’

What We Know About the Colorado Springs Shooting Victims

An Army Veteran Says He Went Into ‘Combat Mode’ to Disarm the Gunman

For Ukraine, So Much Unexpected Success, and Yet So Far to Go

Ukraine War Continues to Slow Global Growth, New Report Says

FTX Assets Still Missing as Firm Begins Bankruptcy Process

How Immunocompromised Health Experts Are Approaching the Holidays

Missiles for Poland Raise Questions on NATO Stance in Ukraine War

How New York City Became a Free-for-All of Unlicensed Weed

Shooting Makes Colorado Springs Ponder Its Past and Present

Justice Dept. Seeking to Question Pence in Jan. 6 Investigation

What We Know About the Walmart Shooting Victims

After 3 Mass Shootings, a Thanksgiving With 14 Empty Chairs

‘Every hour is getting harder’: Surgeons in Ukraine struggle to operate when the power goes out.

Under Missile Strikes, Ukrainians Haul Water, While Surgeons Work in the Dark

Balloons, Crowds and Poultry-Shaped Hats: A Thanksgiving Rite Springs Eternal

This Holiday Season, the Poor Buckle Under Inflation as the Rich Spend

American Dreams, Honed in Leeds

Meet the House Republicans Who Will Wield Power in the New Congress

Call It Football or Soccer. The U.S. Is Claiming It as Its Own.

At Protests, Guns Are Doing the Talking

Artillery Is Breaking in Ukraine. It’s Becoming a Problem for the Pentagon.

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