May 5, 2020 - February 16, 2021

Vague Ideas

This is an ever-growing list of things that should be done, sooner or later. I’ll probably never get around to most of these, but if something seems interesting, feel free to give it a shot and email me at so I can check it out and cross it off the list.

Planned/Ongoing Projects

This section provides details for projects that have more to them than just a bullet or two, but haven’t gotten a full page yet.


Aenthoril is intended to be an RPG-like environment for player-written “AI” characters. Link to the site:


“Frangible bumper cars – in space!” A11 is a multiplayer combat game in a microgravity environment. A mini-teaser from ages ago is available on YouTube.


EZRA stands for Embedded Zircon Relay Automata, and is a Zach-like with a focus on parallelism, spatial reasoning, and potentially orbital mechanics.


An ambitious HOTAS system for six degrees of freedom and significant customization potential. The primary aim is to forego mechanical systems for force feedback, and instead rely on well-calibrated electromagnetic replacements. This should allow for custom resistance, configurable at runtime.


A digital asset management platform targeted at indie developers. Driven by a need for something self-hosted and easily managed, and an inability to find something that seemed to fit the bill. A spreadsheet won’t really do.